#1 Heavy Bag 🥊 Workout for BEGINNER Guys Over 40

#1 Heavy Bag 🥊 Workout for BEGINNER Guys Over 40

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Guys love to hit stuff… especially if it helps BOOST testosterone and BURN fat. Often times the simplest approach is the best approach. This beginner workout is designed for any level athlete to improve conditioning, burn body fat and add some muscle using just body weight and some boxing gloves 🙂

Whether you’ve thrown punches before or not, this amazing fat burning boxing workout is for you! Coach Chris breaks down the basic punches using a Heavy Bag and some inexpensive bag gloves. Along with some trademark body weight exercises, this beginner level workout will get results fast and it’s SUPER fun to do!

In this video you will:
✔Learn how to throw a Jab, Cross, and Hook
✔Learn how to properly do a Push Up
✔Learn how to properly do a Pull Up
✔Learn how to properly Jump Rope

The Heavy Bag Workout looks like this:
✔1-minute of boxing combinations
✔10 Push Ups
✔5 Pull Ups
✔1-minute of jumping rope

*REST for 60 secs and repeat for as many rounds as you can!!*

Thank you so much for watching. I hope this video helps you on your exercise journey. If done consistently, this Heavy Bag Workout routine will lead to improved cardio fitness, increased fat loss and overall strength and lean muscle gains. So get started today! -Coach Chris Wilson

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