15-Minute Power Yoga Routine to Build Strength and Endurance for Arm Balances

15-Minute Power Yoga Routine to Build Strength and Endurance for Arm Balances

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This beginner-friendly yoga routine is designed to strengthen your arms, chest, and shoulders. Building general upper body strength is important if you are attempting advanced arm balances in yoga like crow pose and forearm stand. This routine is quick and effective, allowing you to pair this workout with another, or do it on its own when you’re crunched for time but don’t want to skip a workout day.

A little bit about crow pose if you working towards this posture or want to improve upon it… Crow pose and other arm balances are about strength and mobility. Upper body strength is important, but it’s also about core and lower body strength. Your whole body is involved in these postures.

Holding crow pose for 30 seconds is a great goal for this posture. At 30 seconds you have established control and proper breathing.

If you think you need to work more on mobility and flexibility, the video linked below focuses on stretching and uses a lacrosse ball to release tension in your upper body (self myofascial release).

If you’re not necessarily working towards crow pose or other arm balances, this workout is still very effective for building strength and endurance in your arms, chest, and shoulders. Increasing strength and control in your upper body will improve your performance and form for a variety of other workouts.

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Find more videos on building upper-body strength with yoga at manflowyoga.com.

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