9 BEST Exercises for Bigger Forearms

9 BEST Exercises for Bigger Forearms

These are the 9 Best Exercises for bigger wider forearms and a stronger grip. Learn how to combine a few of these exercises to create the ultimate forearm strengthening workout.

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Your forearm is made up over 20 different muscles. Starting On the outside of your forearm you have a group of extensor muscles that help extend your hands outward as well as side to side and they’re also highly involved in moving your fingers in all different directions. As we circle around to the inside of the forearm, we find the muscles responsible for flexion of the wrist and fingers which primarily help you curl your hands and fingers inward. Going a little deeper we find our pronator and supinator muscles responsible for rotating and turning the hand in and out. Finally we have one of the larger muscles of the forearmΒ the brachioradialis, and this muscle is more involved with flexing at the elbow and moving the entire forearm rather than just the hand. This complex group of muscles is what gives us the ability to move our hands and and fingers in all different directions, and our forearm muscles are involved in almost every single upper body exercise ranging from pullups to lateral raises, and their even invloved in certain lower body exercises like deadlifts, and lunges. So by building them up not only will it help you develop important functions like your grip strength, but your forearms will also grow in size which will help your arms look bigger and fuller even while wearingΒ a long sleeve shirt with rolled up sleeves. So today I want to go over 9 of the best exercises you can do to target and develop your forearms.Β 
And I want to start first with one of my favorite isolation exercise for working the inside of your forearm the seated barbell wrist curl. To begin you would grab a barbell with a pretty close grip. You want your hands close enough together so that your elbows are both able to fit side by side on the bench. Many people like to perform this exercise on the side of a bench where you would do it on your knees and that’s fine, it would actually give you more space to take a wider grip but I find it a lot more comfortable for both my knees and my arms to do it in line with the bench rather than accross the bench. So after grabbing a barbell with your palms facing away from you sit down on the bench and position your forearms towards the end of the bench so that your wrists are hanging off the edge. As you do that you also want to slide your hips back and get down nice and low so that your elbows are planted into the bench. From that position you almost want to imagine that you’re doing bicep curls except instead of flexing at the elbows we’re now flexing at the wrists. So extend your wrists to lower the weight down and then curl your wrist back inward to raise the weight back up. Additionally since your forearm muscles are responsible for flexing your fingers, when lowering down you can allow the barbell to roll all the way down to your fingertips before curling it all the way back up. Besides incorporating more forearm muscles, doing it this way will also give a you a better stretch at the bottom and provide you with a slightly greater range of motion. Now you can do the same exact exercise by using just one dumbbell to work one forearm at a time instead of both at same time like you would with the barbell. This can be especially useful for those of you that feel a lot of pressure in your wrists when doing it with a straight barbell. Since the dumbbells are not connected you’ll have a slightly freer range of motion which will take some of that tension off the wrists.Β 
Another great way to isolate the inside of your forearm with a barbell is by performing the wrist curls standing straight up. I find it most effective to do these behind your back. So to set this up you would rack a barbell right a little lower than hip level. Then turn your back to the barbell and turn your hands over so that your knuckles are facing forward and palms are facing the barbell. From there unrack the barbell and take a step forward. Then just like before you’re going to curl the barbell all the way up before lowering back down and repeating for reps. When doing it standing you’ll get a little bit shorter of a range of motion since you won’t be able to hyperextend your wrists as far on the extension. However, this is still a very effective exercise to Target the inner part of the forearm and a great alternative to mix into your routine is to perform the same exercise with a cable…