Best Post Workout Meal :Energizing Whole Food Protein Shake

Best Post Workout Meal :Energizing Whole Food Protein Shake

Best Post Workout Meal :Energizing Whole Food Protein Shake
I’m really excited to be posting this post workout protein shake recipe with you today!

This whole food protein shake is so healthy & filling and perfect for as your postworkout meal. What I love about it most is that it keeps me full without feeling bloated or making me tired.

I noticed that when I was eating gluten-free oatmeal w/eggs , I get really full & bloated but within an hour I felt ravenous again.

But with this whole food protein smoothie, I feel light & energetic and it keeps me going for about 3 hours.

And what’s really special is that because I use the Sun Warrior Raw Protein plant powder, this entire post workout meal is raw and incredibly healthy for you unlike most post workout shakes out there.

My whole body feels alive and happy when I’m done drinking my shake. I never feel that way when I eat more traditional breakfasts.

This postworkout shake is about 350 calories 22 grams protein, 18 g carbs 13 g fat.

Try not to worry about the fat content in the shake from the avocado. It’s all your good omega 3’s that your body needs to be healthy. This is the best fat you can eat.

Now some people say you should avoid fat in your post workout shake but that’s only true if you need to replenish your glycogen stores quickly because your goal is performance.

But if you’re looking for a meal that’s balanced, healthy and is going to keep you satiated for a long time, then this is the perfect option.

I always, always always add berries to my shakes, Especially blueberries. They are considered a super food and they’re loaded with antioxidants which will help you fight the free radicals getting thrown off from your workouts.

Plus I spend a lot of time in the sun, and believe it or not studies show that antioxidant protection can be applied to sun exposure by acting as a natural sunscreen.

In general, fruits and vegetables are foods high in antioxidants and help us fight free radicals and sun damage, while foods such as meat, dairy products, simple carbohydrates, sugar and processed foods cause inflammation and can contribute to making our sun damage worse.

And I rarely if ever get sunburn. It’s something to consider.

You can play around with this recipe too. Sometimes when I’m feeling a need for more carbs, I’ll add 1/2 banana. Or if I need a chocolate fix I add cacao nibs.



1 over sized scoop of Warrior Protein Blend
1 C Unsweetened almond milk
1 C Berries
2 Big handfuls of spinach
1/4-1/2 Avocado

Blend & enjoy!

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