“COMPLETE” Back Workout (Width, Density, Strength!) | MIND PUMP

“COMPLETE” Back Workout (Width, Density, Strength!) | MIND PUMP

“COMPLETE” Back Workout (Width, Density, Strength!) | MIND PUMP
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How to train the back fully to give you that wide v taper look and thickness.

The ONLY 3 Exercises You Need For A Fully Developed & Defined Back
– Traps
– Rhomboids
– Lats
– Erector Spina Muscles

3 Exercises that are the absolute most effective for growing your back

– Back thickness
– Really works the muscles that run along the side of the spine
– Complete back exercise
– You should do deadlifts for a fully developed back
– Make sure the bar is halfway between your toes and your shins
– Break at the hips: hip hinge
– Break the hips bend the knees
– Grab the bar right outside your shins
– Look straight ahead with good posture
– Push through with your feet
– Stand up nice and tall
– Pull your shoulders back
– Everything’s braced
– Break the hips
– Squat it down
– Hips back
– Place it on the floor
– Give it a second
– Then repeat the deadlift

Barbell Row
– Midback exercise
– Bend your knees a little bit
– Break at the hips
– Grab the bar right outside shoulder width
– Sal prefers overhand grip
– Brace your core
– Pull the bar to your bellybutton
– Tempo is important
– Great mid back thickness exercise

– Really work the lats
– Lats make up most of the surface of your back
– Grab a pull up bar
– Slightly wider than shoulder width grip
– Pull your chest to the bar
– Then right back down
– Try all 3 exercises in this order

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