FREE HOME Workouts 2020 – 20 minutes or less coached by Margaux Alvarez – # 30

FREE HOME Workouts 2020 – 20 minutes or less coached by Margaux Alvarez – # 30

4th question is in video, you are going to have to search, I wont answer any questions because I might give stuff away……
IT’s fun like going to escapology.

Be the first to answer 4 questions and comment correctly and win a new Concept 2 Bike Give Away! It’s a 1,000 dollar bike so I had to make it challenging!

The first-person to answer all four questions right on my comments section in this Comments section will win the concept 2 bike – but here are the rules and if you don’t follow the rules the first person that does wins.

1) US address only.

2) only one attempt per comment, I will not be accepting edits on comments and we get emails to verify. I’m trying to avoid people trying to edit and claim the correct answer on the first attempt. If I keep doing this over the year and as the comments grow it will get harder for me to monitor so that is now a rule.
Make sure your answer is correct the first time. You can comment again to correct but that might be too late.

3) The four answers are to be answered on the last day of the challenge which is workout 30.
Bike is of high value and its fun to give away but it should come with a challenge so I believe we have some questions that do that. I won’t be checking each day to see if you have the correct answer that would take the fun out of it.

WorkOut Description Below

Why are we doing this and what is what does My YouTube channel offer:
I want to provide free fitness workouts for any level, perfect if you are traveling or have limited time. We’ve filmed 30 workouts all free for you to follow at home for all levels of fitness. We are trying to reach those who are short on time, timid, or traveling to give this audience a way to keep their fitness.

On the road? We got you covered just 20 – 30 minutes in your hotel gym and you are all set for the day. We are covering a warm-up, mobility and a high-intensity component all coached through all levels of fitness.

We would love it if you watched the video in its entirety, following along at home but if you are in a rush feel free to click the time stamp that will fast forward to different parts of the workout.

We are going to provide
A bodyweight and Beginner Variation that requires no equipment
an advanced workout that requires two dumbbells

If you would like to check some dumbbells shipped to your home I’m attaching a link of my friends Rogue Fitness who makes the best fitness equipment around
click here

choose a weight you will be comfortable with and you’ll get these weights delivered to your front door in no time.

So Here’s to 2020, to your health and to your New Year Resolution


10 Russian twists
10 Pushups
10 Air Squats
x 2 rounds


1 Min Half Straddle Right Leg Forward – 1:00
1 Min Half Straddle Left Leg Forward – 1:29
1 Min Seated Cross with Left Leg Twist – 1:48
1 Min Seated Cross with Right Leg Twist – 2:08
1 Min Standing Straddle with Twist – 2:42
1 Min Standing Straddle with Twist – 3:30

DB Workout:

10 DB bent over row
8 DB bicep curl
6 DB s2oh
x 5 rounds

10 burpees
8 forearm to plank
6 pushups
x 5 rounds

10 half burpees
:20 sec plank
6 pushups on knees
x 3 rounds