FUEL the BOOTY | GLUTE FOCUSED LEG DAY | Refeed FDOE | Resilience Bikini Prep Series Vlog

FUEL the BOOTY | GLUTE  FOCUSED LEG DAY | Refeed FDOE | Resilience Bikini Prep Series Vlog

Hey guys!

Here is another full day of eating on a REFEED!! It is so crucial to ensure that you are fuelling your body for success, even in a calorie deficit. Refeeds are extremely important, and I always like to get a little creative on mine.

I have been really focusing on glute activation lately.. I will likely upload a video soon on glute activation techniques! It is important to be familiar with mind muscle connection.

I have been finding pause sets amazing along with certain supersets while training hams/glutes especially.

If you try this work out be sure to let me know! Booty building and sculpting guides will be released in the upcoming months so stay tuned.. You heard it here first!

I decided to go to Burrito Jax and grab a donut, as well as make some macro friendly meals and snacks at home.

I have great news! I am now taking online clients on while I continue to complete my CPT and Certification in Sports Nutrition. I wanted some hands on experience, and felt that I would be able to really connect with these individuals as I am currently on a prep.

I am SO passionate about helping others find their balance, and what works best for them, and I believe that guidance and motivational support is so crucial in this process.

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