How To Make And Mix Cheaper Chicken Feed

How To Make And Mix Cheaper Chicken Feed

This is a recipe I learned from a relative, really just what he does to keep feed costs down. If you by a bag of layer mash from the COOP, its x number of dollars and is cracked or ground to some extent wheat, corn, etc.

If you get whole grains, husk and all, the bags of JUST wheat or JUST oats are about 3/4 the price or less event. For comparison, I believe the standard layer mash (17% or 19% protein) is about $18. Oats for a back is about $12 and Wheat is about $12 (that would be the 3/4 price but its based on supply, when the harvest is in, etc). Note that those aren’t the bulk prices either so you can do it even more cheaply.

So what I demonstrate in this video is getting a bag of whole wheat, and a bag of whole oats – combined its like the cost of one bag of layer mash plus a few bucks, then buy a bag of soybean meal. The soybean is used to increase the protein % in the mix. Soybean meal is 54% protein while wheat and oats are something like 10 or 12%. Chickens need about 15% at least. So the soybean meal if you add a scoop to the garbage can size mix brings up the overall protein %

From there, you by a bag of grit / calcium (crushed oyster shells) and you have a well rounded nutritional meal for the chickens. Overall this should cut your feed costs by 1/4 anyways, and more if you buy your grains in bulk.

Note that you don’t need mashed grains for your birds, in the wild they can only find whole grains, and they are designed (by God) to be able to grind them up. In their crop (sack of seeds), they have grit, the grit and the seeds sit in there and the grit brings up the seeds (husk and all). So to pay someone or some company to PRE grind or crack them doesn’t even make sense as God has taken care of that in His design of them!

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