How to Squat – Learn Proper Form and squat variation

How to Squat – Learn Proper Form and squat variation

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Today you’ll learn how to improve your squats. To ensure… you’re doing them with proper form!

Today we’re focusing on not only a popular functional exercise, but also a movement you do daily: the squat. Did you know that in order to do a squat correctly, or any exercise for that matter, there’s an order of operations you need to follow? You see… before you build strength, you need to make sure you have flexibility, stability, coordination, mechanics and then consistency…. In that order!

If we look at a squat, each of these things comes into play to earn the depth, or range of motion, when you perform the movement. For some, the flexibility may be there. But… if you don’t know how to stabilize your spine, and coordinate movement with that stability, or consistently repeat the process, you’re not going to perform the optimal squats and could potentially risk injury.

Here are some things to look out for that may be hindering your ability to do squats with perfect form:


In the video, you’ll learn tips on how to work through each of these things.

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