Ladies Arms Workout | Beginners

Ladies Arms Workout | Beginners

This piece of equipment won’t bring any toning or muscular achievements for people who have been working out regularly or who already are well structurally built.

More suitable for those recovering from injury, new starters, those with a weaker than usual muscular frame and build.

Tone up muscles, tighten your core. Adjust the “wonder core smart exercise systems” resistance to make the springs / arms more difficult to move.

Increase movement intensity, going quickly or slower throughout your sets. Build up a sweat going through a variety of different exercises.


Struggle to do these exercises in the conventional way ?

Have a look at the link above to read more or buy this equipment for yourself.

– Adjust the resistance

– Compact storage / fold up the equipment

– Dimensions: 53 x 52 x 37cm

– Max weight: 100kg / 220Lbs

– Upper core

– Middle & Lower Abs

– Obliques

Checkout the list below for more exercises you could do with this wonder core smart home gym.

Exercises or Target Area:

– Forearms & Biceps

– Triceps

– Sit ups

– Scissor kicks

– Push ups

– Bicycle Kicks

Ladies Arms Workout | Beginners

Structure for Session:

– Upper Back & Arm Press x 16 reps

– Tricep Dips Alternate Arms x 10 reps

– Upper Back & Arm Press x 16 reps

– Tricep Dips x 10 reps

– Upper Back & Arm Press x 8 reps

– Upper Back & Arm Press x 16 reps

Workout Videos for Ladies:

Playlists with variety of sessions:

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