Live Q & A with Lee Hayward – Bodybuilding and Fitness Coach

Live Q & A with Lee Hayward – Bodybuilding and Fitness Coach

The time stamps for all questions covered during our chat are posted below…
02:54 – What’s been going on inside the “Lose Your Gut” challenge.
05:30 – ​How can I fix my body proportion? My left arm is smaller than my right.
09:17 – Is it ok to eat dates and honey when you are cutting?
11:50 – [Viewer Comments: Discussed] Thanks for sharing your throwback picture from when you
were 24 and now. It was very inspiring.
16:42 – What is the purpose of the Total Fitness Bodybuilding App?
18:13 – ​I’m left handed and my right forearm is a lot smaller than my left but my right bicep is a lot
more defined.
18:34 – What’s your thought on hot and cold?
18:54 – ​Can I gain muscle by doing a full-body exercises with only a barbell?
19:32 – What is your opinion on drinking alcohol and bodybuilding? Can I drink twice a week
without compromising muscle gains?
25:32 – My chest seems to be underdeveloped compared to my other muscle groups. I never feel a
pump when working the chest. I really focus my mind on my chest when I bench but still, I feel no
pump. What should I do?
27:07 – I’m 5’7″ and I fluctuate between 157 – 161lbs. I have been weight training for 5 months. I want to gain more mass. My calorie intake is 2700 calories a day. Should I increase the calories?
28:46 – Many people gain weight in during the winter. A friend of mine told me there is a mechanism
where the body stores ​it like a Mammalian response for swimmers. Any thoughts?
30:16 – My job is labor and some days I wanna go home and relax and crack open a beer. How do I
overcome this? I don’t feel like the jacked animal I was before I had this job.
32:45 – [Follow Up 18:34] By hot and cold, I mean a 1-minute hot shower, then a 1-minute cold
shower for recovery, and then keep doing that so it increases blood flow.
34:19 – Do you have any plans to do more recipe videos?
35:09 – ​Are there any exercises you can do for your face?
35:32 – [Viewer Comments: Discussed] I keep seeing an advertisement for “Jawzercise” looks silly.
But just a heads up, it’s a face and jaw chewing ball exercise thing.
36:28 – Why is it that people make fun of us when we are eating clean?
37:38 – Must we drink water after cardio? Is it really the case or just a hoax?
38:45 – ​I know you hate keto, and most diet fads, but what are your thoughts about the
Mediterranean diet? Fish, fruits, vegetables, healthy oils, some pasta. Can you think of any
39:38 – ​After a hard day of labor, how do you find the motivation to workout? And what if your day
starts super early, so lifting in the morning isn’t practical.
45:11 – Can you build a great physique without squats and deadlifts? I injured my back at work and I
can’t do either of those movements anymore without being in pain.
46:15 – Larry Wheels bench pressed 675lbs at a bodyweight of 275lbs. How is that possible?
47:40 – Do you have any idea about the German Volume bodybuilding training regime? What’s it all about? Is it something created by the Germans?
49:08 – Who’s stronger, Larry Wheels or Brock Lesnar?
50:49 – I am tall and skinny and enjoy doing intense cardio 3 – 4 days a week. However, I am looking
to build some muscle. Will I see good results with a beginner dumbbell workout 3 days a week?
53:39 – ​If you could only choose 3 pieces of equipment, what would you choose and why?
55:48 – Where is video no. 3 for the beginner workout?
56:37 – I’m going to do cardio, like walking as I always do. If I feel like drinking water, is it fine to take
a sip or two while walking?
57:56 – Do you think you could beat Brian Shaw in arm wrestling if your life depended on it?
58:20 – How do I manage in the snowstorm happening in my area?
59:13 – Have you ever heard of a program called “The GreySkull LP”?
59:57 – Have you ever did cupping therapy? It’s good for detoxication of the body.
01:00:13 – ​If I only have $25 to spend on food every week, what groceries would I buy?


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