Marc Perry’s Favorite Time-Proven Fitness Tips for 40+-Year-Olds

Marc Perry’s Favorite Time-Proven Fitness Tips for 40+-Year-Olds

“I don’t have time to workout.”

“Eating properly is too hard.”

“I’ve tried it all before. Fitness just doesn’t work for me.”

I get hundreds of emails every day and often hear stuff like that, and especially from folks in their mid-30s and 40s.

Whether they’ve fallen off the wagon and want to get in shape again, or have never really tried to achieve any serious fitness goals, these people are frustrated. And I understand.

Building muscle and losing fat isn’t easy. Creating a sustainable lifestyle that allows you to stay consistent over the long-haul is even harder. That’s especially true when you have a busy professional career and a spouse and family to attend to, and even more so if you also need to travel frequently.

That’s why I invited Marc Perry back on the podcast. In case you’re not familiar with Marc, he’s the creator of and specializes in helping men in their mid-30s and beyond create systems and habits that allow them to reach their fitness goals faster and enjoy themselves along the way.

In this episode, we discuss . . .

– The different stages of getting fit as you get older
– Unique challenges of getting in shape especially with hectic work and home lives
– Where to start if you’re out of shape
– The benefits of crawling
– The importance of accountability
– And much more . . .

So if you’re 35 or older and want some actionable fitness advice that goes beyond “tough love,” give this podcast a listen!

13:10 – How would you start to form an individual program for a person?
16:39 – What do you with people who are in stage one and want to reach the next level?
18:27 – What are some common habits and beliefs you work on with people during stage one? What is the winning mindset?
25:56 – How can you change the mindset of “I can’t eat properly”?
27:38 – What are some common examples to eating properly and forming a habit?
51:07 – What type of workouts do you typically have your clients do?
52:33 – What are some of your favorite exercises to do and have your clients do?
55:01 – What are the benefits of crawling smoothly?
57:11 – What does the form look like to crawl correctly? Where can I find more information on crawling?
1:02:13 – Where can people find you and your work?

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