Mark Rippetoe on Effective Workout Programming for Getting Strong

Mark Rippetoe on Effective Workout Programming for Getting Strong

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The pendulum of workout programming is always a swingin’.

Some people say frequency is the ticket. You know, you have to squat every day if you want big legs, and if you’re squatting once a week, you’ll always have pinions.

Others claim absurd amounts of volume is the key. If you’re not doing 20 to 40 sets per muscle group per week, you’re basically an unlifting slug.

And others still beat the drum for intensity over everything. Not big enough yet? Lift heavier, you trousered ape.

The bottom line is it’s an extreme world out there and many people have extreme opinions.

Today’s guest Mark Rippetoe is one of those people, but he also has over 40 years of experience with strength training and coaching and is the creator of the iconic weightlifting program Starting Strength.

In this episode, Mark and I talk workout programming, including the needs of beginners versus advanced lifters, how to know you’re no longer a novice trainee, how age affects volume needs and recovery, and more.

Buckle up!

11:13 – What is the stress recovery adaptation cycle?
19:28 – Is progressive overload the best way to get gains for a beginner?
31:57 – What is junk volume?

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