Muscle Building Sled Workout

Muscle Building Sled Workout

💪 Muscle Building Cardio 💪
Cardio sucks but it’s like ketchup it makes everything better (or ranch if you are from the Midwest 😂) With that said here is one ☝️ of my simple stupid cardio routines to help you shed some fat while keeping that hard earned muscle in check.
Set the clock ⏰ for 20 minutes and load up a sled 🛷 (about 200lbs shown here) and simply push & pull that load.
I went with:
1 minute of sled 🛷 pulls
1 minute of sled 🛷 pushes
X 10 total cycles = 20 min
Nothing fancy and it sure as hell isn’t sexy but you would be hard pressed to find a better way to spend 20 minutes in the gym.
Enjoy 😊 and tag 🏷 me at #jeremyscottfitness if you throw some serious sled 🛷 work into your training this week! Shirt 👕 made by @sleevessoldseparatelyThis channel is dedicated FOR YOU! To help you reach your maximum potential in your health & fitness journey. Subscribe today and I will answer every single question you ask.

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