My Post Workout Green Smoothie Recipe (Consume it as a Green Diet Smoothie)

My Post Workout Green Smoothie Recipe (Consume it as a Green Diet Smoothie)

My Post Workout Green Smoothie Recipe – Consume it as a Green Diet Smoothie!

This is a quick and easy tutorial on how to make my Post Workout Green Smoothie. There are a lot of post workout green smoothie recipes that are good. I have created this very refreshing and slightly tangy and power packed with protein, great carbohydrates, lots of fiber and essential healthy fats. This is an almost post workout raw food drink smoothie that can be consumed by men and women after a light or hard workout. I might suggest that if you are building muscle, you can add more protein to this green smoothie.

I to make this green smoothie after working out and sometimes at an afternoon snack. The key green ingredients are kale and kiwi fruit, although the kiwi is to add a sweet tangy taste to the smoothie. This smoothie is not just refreshing, but is a great way to get some most greens into your daily diet too!

Using it is best to feed those tired muscles after a workout and what better way than with a green smoothie that is quick and easy to make. You can also use this like a green diet smoothie as it contains protein, phyto-nutrients, superfoods and essential fatty acids.

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