Personal Training Workouts – Beginner to Advanced Training

Personal Training Workouts – Beginner to Advanced Training

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Strength Coach Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS, FMS, CISSN and Head Strength Coach at CriticalBench Chris Wilson, RKC, SSN have over 30 years combined training experience. Together they discuss and show you a personal training workout that would work for beginner level or advanced level clients.

They are more than your average personal trainer…both Brian and Chris go from warm up through multiple circuits and even an ab finisher sharing insights and their expertise to help any trainer over the globe create the right PT session for their client. Below is the entire workout routine:

Dynamic Warm Up includes
jumping jacks, heel kicks, high knees, world’s greatest stretch, windmills, band pull aparts and band dislocators

Push Pull Circuit #1
Pull Ups (body weight or assisted)
Standing Overhead Press

Push Pull Circuit #2
Incline Plate Loaded Press
Plate Loaded High Row

Push Pull Circuit #3
Single Leg Deadlift
DB Bulgarian Split Squat

Metabolic Ab Finisher
Battle Rope – Single Whips
Russian Twist with Plate
Buzzsaw Plank

Here are some of Brian & Chris’ BEST training videos:

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