Skinny Boy Solutions | Ep. 4 | 3000 Calorie Pasta Meal Of The GODS

Skinny Boy Solutions | Ep. 4 | 3000 Calorie Pasta Meal Of The GODS

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YES. IT’S HERE. EPISODE NUMBER FOUR!!!!!! Listen carefully, and watch closely… this is the dinner meal that changed the game for me. This is a 3000+ calorie meal that tastes so good… you might just get addicted. PACKED with tons of carbs, protein and fats, you’re looking at a serious muscle building meal, and one that will THROW the weight on you skinny boys and girls!!! This meal is most responsible for a lot of the size I’ve built in the past, and I used to eat this every single night before I went to sleep (which was also typically after my workout). Needless to say, I saw overnight results. DISCLAIMER: These overnight results came with a lot of fat gain as well. Now as a skinny boy or girl, you may not mind this at all (as I didn’t), however, I just thought I would throw this out there because with a lot of gains, comes a lot of responsibility!

I time myself crrrrrrrushing this meal this time around, as is known throughout my Skinny Boy Solutions videos. And to be honest, I surprised myself this time with it even! Watch and find out how long I crush this MASSIVE pasta meal of the GODS!!! Safe to say, I make it look like baby food 😉

I go through the entire recipe and cooking instructions for the famous meat sauce that I make, and show you how to put this meal together. That being said, comment below and let me know what other recipes you’d like to see, as I’ve got plenty more Skinny Boy Solutions videos on the way!

Try it out for yourself, and time yourself and see how quick we can eat a regular persons daily calorie consumption in 1 sitting!!! Let’s go beast mode, it’s the only way to put some SERIOUS mass on!!

Hope you enjoy the video and the recipe, be sure to share with all of your ‘skinny kid friends’ and lets all make gainz together.

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