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Non-machine exercises

Warmup: 10-15 min cross trainer, bicycle, uphill walk

1. Stiff deadlift 3 set x 10 reps
2. Single leg stance stiff deadlift 3 set x 10 reps /leg
3. Good mornings 3 set x 8-10 reps
4. Pilates ball ham curl 3 set x 12 reps
5. Bulgarian single leg RDL 3 set x 12 reps /leg
6. Back extension 3 set 12 reps

Bicycle intervals:
20 sec ON (100%) – Speed up the resistance
40 sec active rest (50-60%) – Lower the resistance.
10 rounds total.
Add IF you want: Cycling 10 min (80%)

In this video, I’ll show you my top, favorite exercises for the hamstrings. These will mostly be non-machine exercises. I do think there are great machine exercises too, like the leg curl machine, but I decided to focus on exercises which really stretches out your muscles instead.

I’ll not only show you what my favorite exercises are but also some tips and tricks on how to perform them correctly, with the right form and technique. It’s important to have a correct execution on the exercises, both to not injure yourself but also to get the most out of the exercise.

I also share a cardio session with you, which I did after the hamstring workout. I usually find it hard to do cardio after leg workouts, but I did it on the bicycle and that way I was still able to do my intervals.

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