Workout For Busy Moms (moms working out)

Workout For Busy Moms (moms working out)


(transcript of video)
Okay, if you are a busy momma and you just can’t find time to work out, then this video is for you. In my Wildly Alive Weight Loss Program, I have a lot of busy mommas and I hear the same excuse over and over again…

“I don’t have time to work out.”

And I’m here to prove that wrong. It’s all about taking those small time chunks you DO have and making them worth it. So I’m gonna show you a few exercises that you can do anywhere (I’m doing it right here in my living room), that you can squeeze in at anytime you have it.


[please watch video for exercises + proper form]

Workout for busy moms EXERCISE #1 Squats
Workout for busy moms EXERCISE #2 Alternating lunges
Workout for busy moms EXERCISE #3 Push up
Workout for busy moms EXERCISE #4 Plank
Workout for busy moms EXERCISE #5 DANCE baby!!

Okay, so how do you like that cardio? Isn’t that great?

Well just important as strength training is, so you can tighten and tone and strengthen your body — so is cardio.

And if you’ve been following me for a while, you know dancing is my favorite form of cardio!

It’s so fun, it wakens up your spirit, and puts smile on your face. Which as moms, I’m sure you need because things can be kind of stressful… It’s just really, really fun.

So with these exercises, I want you to do it just about anywhere. Get creative

Remember, something is better than nothing. Do it when you’re watching commercials, maybe when the little one is taking a nap or after they fall asleep at night.

And so many times we think we need to have 30 minutes to work out but you don’t! Honestly, anything is better than nothing. Get creative with your time (I cannot stress that enough).

Along with this video, I’m gonna give you a free busy momma workout printout. The printout is right gonna below in this video.

I want you to print it out and hang it up in a place where you’re going to see it often. If it’s in the living room or the kitchen, wherever. It will be there to remind you, five squats is better than no squats. A 30-second plank is better than no plank at all.

Remember, anything is better than nothing! Okay, I want to hear from you in a comment section below.

I want you know what is your biggest obstacle as a mom, and I will reply and will give you some of my feedback, because I’m sure I’ve heard it before.

Alright, there is your awakening activity this week… Thank you so much for tuning in and be sure to like the video and subscribe to it. And don’t forget about my free weight loss success kit. You can sign up right in this video or right below it.

And remember if you’re not having fun, it’s your own damn fault.

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